Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What do the neo-conservatives really want?

Dehumanization may be too a simple answer for this question. However, I really don’t understand why they are doing their utmost only to maximize profit with dehumanizing. It is obvious: where there are no people who are enough to consume, there is no way for capitalism to survive. Nonetheless, what nowadays the right-wing is trying to do results in dehumanization and a threat to many middle-class; they are depriving ordinary people of capacity to carry on lives. I think that the conservatives are losing their control so as not to consider the appropriate strategy to make system work. Roughly speaking, I think that their logic is co-extinction of human-being.


Will W. said...

I think the true neo-con agenda is brilliant: retain control over government/society/economy by reinforcing the dominant myth of the fruits of capitalism/democracy, namely abundance and empowerment for all. Their goal is not to deprive ordinary people of the capacity to live full lives, but rather to instill an obsessiveness with obtaining the fruits. Time is on their side; with each new generation increasingly unable and disinclined to deconstruct the capitalist myths conveyed by media, their hold strengthens.

Aaron said...

It's not getting discussed much, but something I see as primary objective of orthodox neoconservatism is the general devaluing of democracy, replacing the robust but restricted Jeffersonian model with one in which democracy means nothing more than the ability of most of the citizens -- the "right" citizens -- to cast a ballot. The role of the press is one of PR distribution, not of representing the public. The independent judiciary is reined in, to make sure that "activist judges" can only rule in favor of the state. The party system is perverted through gerrymandering and perversion of campaign finance rules -- incumbency becomes, amazingly, an even stronger predictor of victory.

This works because the public has never been taught what democracy -- rule by the people -- really means. When they tell us that democracy is just about voting, we accept that, and call traitor those who demand to see non-redacted memos about Halliburton stealing millions of taxpayer dollars. It's why they can tell us that the Iraq War was The Right Thing To Do All Along, simply because some Iraqis cast ballots, and then we believe them.