Wednesday, March 16, 2005

For those fascinated by Paget's article on right-wing philanthropy, I'd lack to add to her list of readings on the subject a column by my favorite thinker, Lewis Lapham. (I had to paste it into the title line because it wouldn't paste in the post -- can anyone help me with that?). My questions after reading both are: while they point to a Republican triumph in organizing a PR/policy mill, are the Democratic failures fully explained? and has anyone noticed an increasing campaign to brand colleges/universities as unfair in hiring conservatives? I believe the latter is a newly invigorated item on their agenda.

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Sara said...

To your latter point, I've heard/read several articles on how there is a dearth of conservative professors on universities throughout U.S. and how "something needs to be done about it" to educate our country in a more balanced way. Also, there's a state law proposal (not sure of its status) to lessen supposed intimidation that conservative students feel when in a class led by a liberal professor (and vice versa). If the right advocates a free economic market that works best with its own mechanisms w/o regulation, then why can't the university system work freely in this same way w/o intervention?