Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pre-discussion suggestion

(Yikes! Now that folks are "allowed" to post after the discussion is over, pre-discussion traffic on the blog has slowed to a dead stop. Well, time for the professor to step in.)

Might be a good idea for discussion tomorrow to start with the [Del Casino V et al 2000] piece on "Methodological frameworks for the geography of organizations" and then use the question of right-wing and left-wing organizational/institutional networks as a case study: do our readings on these "knowledge production" networks deal with geography? Should they? How might they?

By the way: Those of you in the class working on the J-School Qualitative Studies Group project dealing with the ongoing Madison school board districting, budgeting, and building questions -- figuring out who are the organizational players in this debate, how they attempt to mobilize various forms of media, and how much if any of this "elite" debate registers with the voting citizenry -- might think through how the three "geography of organizations" theories from this week might apply to this case study...

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