Tuesday, February 08, 2005

cultural studies as a way of investigating virtual space

This week's reading remined me of cultural studies in our field of communication. I think that in a sense cultural geography is essentially identified with cultural studies. Frankly, I can't see any big differece between them. Then, between when we focus on the concept of space and time and when we focus on the concept of society, what difference can we expect from our inquiry?

In addition, in the wake of postmodernist/poststructualist, cultural studies defies such monolithic discovery of the world as the ones from "positivist," it purposes to reveal the spontaneity of the agent, human being. Thus, I think that cultural studies and cultural geography need to develop audience studies to be more sophisticated. Particularly, in order to protect cyber space from the capitalist' penetration, if we find users' unique intepretations and usages of cyber space, it might provide a good chance to develop rationale and discourse to project cyber space from the domination of capitalist's retionale.

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Sara said...

I agree that more studies of users can confirm and disprove aspects of the Internet for its betterment, but unfortunately it also can give more information to corporate interests whose motives aren't for betterment but profit. But this isn't a reason to not study users - how can we define a culture, "place" or mass media vehicle (however you want to look at it) if we don't understand its usage and effect on people directly?