Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your chance to help design a tourist map...

Here is your chance to put theory into action… ;)

The city of Madison opened a storefront - which is between the Main Library and the Silver Dollar (nice place to play shuffle board) - to share info (and solicit public comments/ideas) regarding future developments in the *downtown* area. I even got to meet a real-life city planner when I went in! One interesting thing (that relates to our class discussion) is that they have a blank tourist map and invite visitors to suggest items/locations they would like to see added to the next generation tourist map. It will be interesting to see how (or if) this feedback is translated into the Madison Tourist Map 2.0.

On my way out I took a look at the city map stationed across the street and noted that the lake was represented using a lovely blue color. Again, based on our discussion, perhaps they should use a green color in the next addition for a more accurate representation.

We have not touched on geographical sports identities and rivalries between cities yet, so here is a spark…– the CUBS WIN “a stunner” in the 12th against the Brewers! Yes, I was watching the ballgame while writing this : )

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Sarah said...

This is really cool. I'll go by and ask them to put the indian mounds on the map. We always show these to our visitors.