Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Map Game!

I'm not sure how relevant this is to how we use maps on a regular basis but it is an entertaining game and does make you think about how much you have been paying attention to the maps around you.


Dan Lewerenz said...

Much fun. I got 475,000 points the first time, 513,000 the second, but I can't get past Round 11. (I need a bigger map for some of these.)

Sarah said...

I was surprised, I seem to know places better in the non-English speaking world. I got things wrong in Canada, Australia, and the US by thousands. I probably averaged around 300 otherwise.

Yes, I wish the map was better, it's hard with a jerky mousepad. They could have chosen a better projection too.

Chris Rencontre said...

I was interested after reading Dan and Sarah's comments so gave it a whirl. I was quickly shown the poverty of my geographical knowledge...[Smile] Seriously though... The map was a little off. Europe was too small for me to figure out where everything was. Playing the game was great fun though... Thanks!

Nate said...


Saved by Africa, but ruined by all the mysterious islands.

Jim said...

Ahhhh the trap - it looks like this game and our response(s) to it promotes a very narrow definition of geographical knowledge. I wonder if European players score higher, thus putting a final nail in the "Americans are geography goons" narrative.

The game uses time pressure nicely.