Monday, September 08, 2008


I just wanted to post a quick introduction letting everyone in class know a bit about my background. This is my second year as a gradutate student in geography (cartography/GIS sub-area). I've been self employed as a web developer for the last 10 years after spending a couple years in the Bay Area as a 3D animator. I am looking forward to the potential discussions in this class regarding the spread of information technology and the resulting implications. The internet has definitely presented new avenues for social interaction, business models and information exchange. I've been invovled in areas of the internet that can be seen as having both positive and negative impacts on society, depending on your perspective.

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richard said...

So you were in SF around the time of the Web 1.0 boom/bust? I'm especially looking forward to your reactions to Zook's book on the dot-coms.