Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Rehashing Community


Early on in the Ellis, Oldridge, and Vasconcelos piece, they ask the question: can a virtual community be a real community? But I think that before that can be answered, we have to ask ourselves another, possibly more difficult question.

Just what is a real community? I think that the word community has become so shrouded in fable and illusion that most people are hard-pressed to say what it is - I know I am. So what is community? Or at least, what are some attributes that community should possess in order to be considered such.


umaysay said...

I think that community is an imagined boundary in which each person has identity, sense of beloning, emotional safety and mutual relationship based on trust. As I mentioned in posting, I think that trust is the most important element in building community. We might be relutant to push ourselves into having sense of community unless we have trust among the members.

Sara said...

My working definition of a community is still in formation as I'm still somewhat new to this subject... but I think we should perhaps create a definition of general community and then different versions of community in application. Likely I'll find papers on this next semester.