Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Between structure and will

To be strange, the Graham & Marvin's article reminded me of the debate between structuralism and humanistic, cultural, post-structuralism. From the viewpoint of politcal economy, it is evident that the contemporary technology developments are largely driven by global, trans-national, advanced capitalism. The structure of this post-industrial capitalism and the media environment of telecommunication derived from the rationale of the advanced capitalism seem to be dominant and unavoidable. However, this is not the end. Based on the understanding of our reality, we need to develop some strategies to overcome the dominance of capitalism. At least, we need to claim the possibility of redeeming our will to overcome the dominance. In this sense, the social constructive approach provides us with the rationale to stimulate us to think about the strategy. As I posted before, I think that the virtual space is like a battle field. Before we become pessimistic of our future, we have a mission of constructing our virtual space to democratic and emancipatory place.

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Mark said...

You comments are well put. However, achieving the goal you propose assumes that people want the Internet to take on the properties you advocate. In the current consumerist society, I believe the majority of the public is comfortable allowing global, trans-national firms to control the Web because it provides them with cheaper consumer goods. Instead of becoming an environment for democratic debate and emancipation, it appears people enjoy the simplicity of shopping on the Web and being spoon-fed one-way communication. Thus, consumers value the space of flows because it allows them to populate their place of space with cool stuff. Maybe I'm just a pessimist!