Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Madison's Lost City

Speaking of city planning...

Concrete housing foundations, walls, open paths that were once sidewalks and roads, and a long cement street now buried underground are all that remain of Madison's own Lost City.

In 1917, the Lake Forest Land Company began dredging the marsh in order to build the best neighborhood south of Lake Wingra. But the concrete paving sank in the ooze of the marshy area – and the company went bankrupt in 1922. Now the area is called the "Lost City."

Arboretum naturalist Susan Simonson says the natural environment was not stable enough for a housing development.

University of Wisconsin Madison News --

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neal said...

The Madison Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission will hold a public hearing . Public housing in NY used to be intimidating, . cool shade, respites from the commercialism and traffic of the rest of the city.Almost two decades of his life had been consumed by the search for the lost city of Manira.City attorney Victor Johnson said Dills was bonded, or insured, as a city employee, meaning the city may be able to recover lost funds .


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