Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Web Science: Understanding and Engineering the Internet

Read this article Web Science: Studying the Internet to Protect Our Futur, co-authored by the inventor of the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee.

It's great to see the acknowledgment that the Web is more than technical, but must be considered though social and political (and geographical) approaches as well.

One of many interesting points raised is that of "scale-free" networks, which characterize how particular nodes have many more connections to and from them than other nodes. This insight proved useful beyond the realm of the virtual, however, and is incorporated into citation analysis and biology.

And a lot of other goodies ...

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richard said...

Hey, thanks for the link Rich. Here's another interesting article, Art Against Information: Case Studies in Data Practice. The article discusses the nature of data and how it "involves a set of assumptions, narratives and ontologies that construct data as an entity in the cultural imagination." Rock'n.