Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Southern Slide

About people's ability to choose where they live, etc., in the shiny, new info-space...

Can we relate this to the quickening rise of the American south in population terms? Southern states are picking up population more quickly than northern ones -- the reason why John Kerry couldn't have won the election by holding Gore's states and adding New Hampshire is that states like ours lost electoral votes following the 2000 census, while states like Florida added votes. Is there reason to believe that southerners are breeding more? That erstwhile northerners are choosing to leave for some economic reason? Cultural? That they hate those damn northern winters?

I haven't seen any data to indicate that ex-northerners are leaving because they're in search of a more politically conservative climate, because the states themselves, over time, don't indicate drastic changes in voting results. So are these people apolitical, or at least apathetic enough that they don't really care if they candidate loses? Is what's pulling people south also responsible for pulling Confederate flag bumper stickers north?

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